Friday, March 16, 2012

Dragon's Den Success

I must congratulate my client for getting through the fire and other scary stuff (like humiliating questions) rife in The Dragon's Den.

The Den demands all stay shtum about contestants before airing, so I can't tell you much.  But I can tell you that this particular person went from not knowing what to say to poised pitch in three days. 

Knowing your story by heart, and then underlying it with conviction, is the most potent combination for seemingly effortless and persuasive performance.

Very much like acting onstage, effective pitching is 95% practice, 5% inspiration, once you have the right feedback.  Even an amateur can become a professional in a relatively short period of time.

Watch this space for more, once I'm allowed to give more information.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Douglas Rushkoff Redux

I attended a St. George's House consultation that has made me think about many of the very smart friends give new perspectives on what we take for granted.

It's not an easy feat to come up with a credible alternative to behavior and attitudes that have become invisible to us, particularly in business.

First on my list is Doug Rushkoff whose Life, Inc. is certainly worth considering. Here's an older link to Doug's Ofcom talk about the history and relationships among corporations, economics, and work.

See what you think.