Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to Talk About Business Trends: Podcast with Howard Greenstein

You might remember a discussion of Linda Stone's discussion of trends in terms of where people put their attention. It's' brilliant thinking, and presents a persuasive vision of the future in terms of where technology meets human desire (defined as opportunity).

The only challenge I present is that Linda doesn't acknowledge how this could change when considering cultural, educational, financial, geographical, and other issues that separate many American professionals from everyone else. I'm not asking Linda to address every group. I'm only suggesting that her argument would be stronger if she acknowledges the parameters of the people effected by the trends she describes.

Howard Greenstein interviewed me in a podcast on the way to the Uplift Academy meeting last week, and he focused in on this topic. You can find it here: Just scroll down to the Howard's shows and click "play it."

Feedback is certainly welcome. And for more information on Howard, take a look at the piece from MeshForum.

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