Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Han Bennink: The Art of Noise

Talking About Music . . .

To continue from the last post, by far the most thrilling moments of this year's Eurogel were created by Han Bennink in his drumming.

Critics and fans have written about him for years, so you can always research the music history, biography information, and the rest if it interests.

The best part of the performance (other than the performance itself) was the lack of dialogue about music, music theory, influences, and all the rest of the dross that usually goes with musical demonstrations.

For example, someone asked a question about Han's boots. He buys them in Nottingham. End of discussion. A happy thing because it left time for more banging and hitting a broom, the drum kit, and a drumstick stuck in his mouth.

. . . Is Like Dancing about Architecture

It's impossible to reproduce the experience, so I'll say no more than this: write to Susanna von Cannon and ask for tour dates. This is one experience you should not miss.

More on Eurogel in the next post.

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