Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A New Educational Foundation: Atra Luce

It's been a month since the last post -- and now I'm proud to tell you about a new foundation of which I have become executive director.

It's called Atra Luce.

Atra Luce: What Does it Mean?

Atra Luce means "dark light" and describes the effect on a fury's torch when it hits the human seat of understanding. The furies transform men into poets this way -- as with any kind of learning, probably not very comfortable. But better than the alternative.

Here is the mission statement:

Atra Luce
The Foundation For Transformational Learning and Teaching

In Nova Corpora

The Mission of Atra Luce is to identify, encourage, support, and foster engaging, effective, transformative approaches to learning and teaching beyond the traditional educational curriculum.

The richest learning and teaching experiences are transformational. They challenge preconceptions, engender reconsiderations of old material, encourage consideration of the new. Such experiences are instrumental for intellectual growth in breadth and depth; they result in an on-going redefinition of limitations in an ever expanding circumference. Experiences of this ilk can spur a learner/teacher to take a different path - or make a new one all their own.

Atra Luce's Mission is to provide the opportunity for those experiences to happen.

For information on how to apply, please keep an eye out for coming posts.

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