Friday, April 20, 2012

Gaming for Good Causes: Playmob

Saw an ex-client today who is doing very well -- always a great thing to feel one has been useful.

Jude Ower, CEO of Playmob, after winning the pitching competition at the Tech City Festival this summer in London, the company also continues to gain recognition for a Playmob's very smart business model and the good work it can do.

Playmob allows game companies to offer fund raising campaigns to charities through gamers' purchase of virtual objects to navigate the game. The game company makes 30%, Playmob makes 20%, and the charity makes 50% of the proceeds.

Don't get me wrong -- this is no not-for-profit. Jude's just come up with a fun, smart way to accomplish a task that usually makes both fundraisers and givers anticipate a task not unlike that of Sisyphus.

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