Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Raise Money from Investors: Learn to Communicate First So There's Energy for the Rest

Many of my clients come to me initially to hone a one-off pitch for investors.  Their logic goes something like this: if I can impress the right people with my messaging, I'm in!

What everyone quickly realises is that far from having quick results, fund-raising requires a long, long slog.  An engaging 3-minute monologue is not enough.  Effective fund-raising also requires the ability to impressively answer investors' questions, command an hour-long meeting, talk to the press, and network with high-level individuals.

The pitch is just the beginning.

Paul Graham's article describes the level of focus it takes to raise money to keep your company going.  If you get your business communication right first, the rest becomes a lot easier.

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