Thursday, August 07, 2014

Follow up on delivering information exactly when needed: this time, in person

Following from the last post, there's a reason that we need information delivered exactly when it's useful online: it's the way we think everywhere.

The best way to learn how to fish - or anything else, for that matter - is to master the skill in one context so that we can think fluently around all aspects of the problem we're solving.  Until we've got a lesson down in one area or kind of situation, human beings are not great at transferring learning among contexts.

It's a mistake many coaches make when they take people off-site: we might feel free and creative out of our normal work environment, but how do we sustain it when we trudge back into the office on Monday?

Terri Mcclements, a great thinker from PwC where I used to work, wrote about it here.

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