Friday, September 16, 2005

Does the World Need Another Blog About Learning?

Only if it can effect conversation about the obstacles to learning, and through conversation, change.

Most people see the problems in systems they use everyday, usually where they cause discomfort. Where's the opportunity here?

Dwelling on a problem is too often marked as seeing a glass as half empty. However, in looking very carefully, rather than looking away, there is new opportunity for awareness through careful observation. In fact, only when you really understand an empty space can you discover what you really want to put in it and effective ways to keep it full.

So if everyone dwells on problems, why do so few find ways to solve them effectively? Why do so many people instead feel stuck?

ItÂ’s obviously not a new idea that no idea is entirely new, and no concept can beexclusivelyy confined to one group. This, however, doesn't stop people from trying to keep others out, or at best, it doesn't prevent negligence of sharing information with those who need it most.

Lots of very smart people have spent a lot of time developing ways to understand what we see and think, but the walls between their fields often obscure the connections, synergies and overlap.

Let’s start conversation to explore the possibility of dissolving silos that have been created around leaning in the form of professional fields – corporate training, academic study, childhood education, psychology, and any others that come up. Only by investigating the range of existing discourses about learning can we take advantage of the full breadth of our resources for innovation when we’re stuck.

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