Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's a Drag to Be a Dragon

I've found that some children feel relieved to learn that dragons, like them, can be misunderstood and have their feelings hurt.

There's something about the cross-species nature of the problem that helps. After all, an outside perspective on a familiar obstacle often allows new insights.

I continue from the previous post . This children's book never made it to the shelves. There's another you can try if you like this one, too. Feel free to share either one, as long as it's read outloud and doesn't cost any money.

It's a Drag to be Dragon

It's a drag to be a dragon,
When people run and hide.
A dragon can't go shopping,
Unless the aisles are wide.

A dragon on a city bus,
Can never get a seat,
He burns big holes in peoples' clothes,
And steps on peoples' feet.

A dragon's tail gets in the way,
On sliding boards and swings.
The jungle gym is not for him.
He can't play on these things.

A dragon in the classroom,
Rarely fits in well.
The desk is small for one so tall
He'd rather eat the bell.

And dragons in the movies,
Are scary on the screen.
Except when one sits down in front.
It makes the people mean.

Can dragons play badminton?
Can dragons swing a bat?
You know they can't play hide and seek.
They're way too big for that.

A dragon at a swimming pool,
Can find it hard to swim.
His bathing suit is such a hoot,
That people laugh at him.

So what's the deal with dragons?
So what they're big and green?
All right, okay, they're in the way,
But are they really mean?

A dragon can prove handy,
At a cookout or a roast.
Their savoir fare is beyond compare,
But they don't like to boast.

Or did you know that dragons,
Can dance like Fred Astaire?
They lumber when they rumba,
But their tango has a flair.

A dragon at a party,
Can tell two thousand jokes.
They often juggle porcupines,
To entertain the folks.

Trick-or-treat with dragons,
Will knock you off your feet.
Door-to-door you'll get much more,
Than you could ever eat.

And what if Dad goes on a trip,
And forgets to take his lunch?
A dragon there up in the air,
Would really help a bunch.

Dragons live forever,
Which makes them very wise.
They also play the tuba,
With very bulgy eyes.

A dragon in the country,
Is such a useful thing.
He makes the perfect diving board,
When he is not a swing.

You can live without a dragon,
A lot of people do,
But they're such fun to have around,
And awfully cozy, too.

Copyright 2002 Annette Kramer
Picture copyright 2006 Ron Barret


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